Will Indigestion Influence Intelligence?

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We often hear parents say that their children like to eat. They think that the more children eat, the more quickly they grow. Recently, experts from child health care department of the World Health Organization have pointed out that indigestion will affect children's intelligence.

American pediatricians have found that eating too much will cause abdominal distension and indigestion. If such a phenomenon lasts for a long time, children will become impatient and irritable. They are easily to be distracted and react slowly to the change of surroundings. When too much food remains in the stomach at one time, the stomach and intestines need a large amount of blood in order to function well. At the same time, the blood in the brain would be comparatively less. In the long run, the functions of brain are weakened and the intelligence turns low. The pediatricians also hold the view that too much food would load heavy burdens on the brain nerves. When these nerves are excited for so long a time, the nerves controlling speaking, memory and thinking would be restrained. Therefore, good eating habit should be formed by children at an early age. The amount of food and the balanced nutrition must be under control.

Except for eating too much, indigestion has three other causes. The first cause is that some food is difficult for babies and children to digest. The intestines and stomach of babies are not mature enough. Therefore, parents are suggested to offer different people to children at different ages. Young babies can only eat semi fluid food, such as rice water, paste and porridge. When they are a little bit older, soft rice and bread can be provided. The second reason for indigestion lies in too much new food. Babies and children are all curious about new food. When they eat something for the first time, it is easy for them to eat too much. Parents need to help children adapt to new food gradually and slowly. The third reason is that the diet is not balanced. When babies are four months old, they are suitable to have something other than milk. During this period, parents should keep in mind that a balanced diet is badly needed. All kinds of nutrition are required by the little human body. Adequate protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers should be guaranteed. In particular, dextrose is needed for the growth of babies. Parents should offer fish, meat, eggs, milk and vegetables for their children every day.

Eating is a type of behavior. Parents should set good examples for their children and guide them all the time. Like many other activities, eating also needs interest. Relax atmosphere, fixed time and places and particular dialogues are all important factors for children to form a good eating habit.

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Will Indigestion Influence Intelligence?

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This article was published on 2011/06/10