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During the working time, the young couple invited their parents to take care of the baby is the vast majority method for Chinese family. However, this method will lead to the children have low EQ. Recent research shows that on the score of the child's social development, the children who was raised by the parents have the highest scores, and followed the children who are raised by grandparents, and the last is the children who raised by the  grandparents and parents. The most important reason is that two generations have the inconsistent child-care practices to get together to bring up the children.

Recently, East China Normal University, Associate Professor, Department of pre-school education, developmental and educational psychology, Dr. Qian Wen and Qian Qin Zhen research 120 parents. On this basis, they randomly selected 100 parents of children who aged 0-3 years old in a district. This survey has the result that makes people thought-provoking. If the children have the older ages, the questionnaire scoring rate of infant social development are low. According to the analysis, it may be because the younger child's social development indicators are more dependent on the physical and cognitive maturity. With the increasing age, the education and training acquired become more and more. For example, they need to organize their own toys and comply with the time. If parents do not attach importance to training, so that rating is lower.

In a strange environment, the children who have the good EQ development will regulate mood according to the expression of primary caregivers, but poor emotional intelligence development of children will be blindly nervous.

According to reports, no matter are parents or grandparents, any kind of band culture method has strengths. Most of the grandparents spoiled the children; the children who brought up by them have the good development on the psychological security. 0-3 years old infants have poor cognitive, language and movement, so they should the outside world to give enough and adequate security environment. Protection awareness of old man meets the psychological needs of the children, but most of the old men did not open as parents to encourage children to explore the world and get along with the people around them.

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Who Are Suitable To Bring Up the Children

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This article was published on 2013/05/07