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Before children all you had to do was grab a bag and head out the door – traveling was easy.  Well, that ended as soon as your first baby was born.  Before you were responsible your bag, your passport, your comfort, your flights, your information, and no one else's.  Needless to say, there are a few differences when traveling with children.

While harder, it certainly is not impossible to travel with children, even small children and babies. However, some people still prefer to put off traveling with children until they are old enough to follow instructions, stand for long periods, and keep themselves entertained on long trips.  But even if you wait, and leave children at home while you travel with your spouse, it's not as easy as pre-children.  If your children are staying away from home you have to pack them as well as yourself.  Even if a sitter is coming to your home you have to take the time to write all the schedules down, possibly plan all the meals, and probably do all the shopping and laundry before you leave town.

Knowledge, preparation and positive attitudes are keys to traveling successfully with children in tow.  Traveling with children is a good time to help them realize that they do not need all their things all of the time. Be sure to include plenty of travel games and toys to keep little ones entertained on long road trips or flights. Prepare for delays, both on road trips and when flying. Make lists, and maybe make more lists about everything involved in traveling – from packing, to boarding a plan. You must be prepared. Taking some practice runs at home will help you and the children be more prepared for the upcoming trip.

There is no reason to put off travel until your children are grown. Take the time to experience the gifts of the world, with your children.  It will be an enriching time for all of you and the memories will last a lifetime.

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Traveling With Children

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This article was published on 2010/11/20