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Biblical Child Discipline: Teach Your Child To Behave In The Image Of Him

It is interesting to understand what Biblical child discipline teachings involve because for many parents the influence in their lives through their faith is great and deserving of further study. When the term discipline is used, many parents immediately conjure up visions of having to spank their children or forcing the child to stand in a corner. But, do these methods really conform to Biblical child discipline methods? According to the teachings of the Bible the terms used in regard to discipline are disciple as well as discipleship.

Positive Point Of View

Therefore, Biblical child discipline involves taking a positive point of view as is the case of studying Jesus and his attitude to his disciples who tried their best to model their behavior after His ways and they wished to learn everything from Him. Parents too can learn a lesson from Biblical child discipline methods and become more dedicated to disciplining their children in a manner in which God intended them to do so.

The Bible says that even before the child is born the parents have invested their time as well as money in preparing for this holy moment of birth. Therefore, to take advantage of Biblical child discipline methods it is necessary to understand the need to devote your energies to fulfilling His plans for the child and so disciplining should be begun as early as possible.

There is example of Biblical child discipline in the Scriptures wherein it refers to Paul and Timothy whose discipline as well as training by their mother and grandmother is begun early in a bid to help Timothy become a good character that knows and understands the value of self-control.

Biblical child discipline methods stress on following the path of His disciples that looked to Him and each of His words for inspiration; babies too should look upon their parents in a similar manner. The good news is that when He gives mankind a task it is accompanied by guidance in how He intended the task to be carried out and so even when it regards Biblical child discipline methods you need to use Him as your role model.

The Bible clearly states that a child will struggle in his early years and so parents must begin their disciplinary efforts at an early age to not only keep the child on the right path but to also establish them as figures of authority in the child’s life. In regard to making a child more obedient Biblical child discipline teachings state that the child is already aware of consequences of being disobedient. In this regard you can learn from the way God dealt with the issue of obedience as well as disobedience as exemplified in the case of Israel and which is contained in the Old Testimony. Therefore children too must be taught to obey their parents in the image of the Lord, for this is the right path.

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Teach Your Child To Behave

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This article was published on 2010/12/10