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I'm sure the phrase sugar and spice and everything nice rings a bell to many, but, let me tell you: it is not only what little girls are made of. All children, boys and girls, can benefit from knowing the basics about seasoning. Spices have been used for hundreds of years; and it's no surprise why. Food is always better when properly seasoned. It is a wonderful way of sprucing up mediocre meals. If you want to know how spices can make cooking more fun for children, here are 3 top reasons. 

•  It opens their minds to flavors. Spices help enhance the taste of food as well as add flavor, too. Experimenting with the use of spices can make children aware of how the taste of foods can change depending on how much and what types of spices are used. Also, children very often reject some kinds of food. By experimenting with the use of spices, they can learn how to disguise the natural taste of certain foods they don't like so much. This may also lead to unexpected discoveries in the field of flavors.

•  It boosts creativity in cooking. Spices add flavor, smell, and even color. Children can truly let their imagination run wild.  They don't have to wait for special occasions to put their talents to work. Even snack time can be made more exciting with a little creativity.

•  They learn about cultures. Among many things the use of spices is one that truly identifies foods with culture and ethnicity. Kids can benefit greatly from this. Through cooking, they can learn about different cultures, what spices they use in addition to how and why they have used those spices. This will give them yet another opportunity to learn about foods that are unfamiliar to them as well as a little geography, and even history.

Fabulous cooks just need a little space to work their magic with the right tools which are not only utensils, but herbs and spices too. Food will taste better and smell better. One thing's for sure: they'll enjoy cooking a lot more once they've mastered the basics of cooking with herbs and spices. There's a great cooking school in Aspen that teaches children just that, plus a whole lot more. Honestly, what more can kids possibly want? Once they see how much fun it is, they'll be ready to cook up a storm.

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Spice it Up!

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This article was published on 2010/03/27