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As a Bellevue child injury attorney, I am aware that serious injuries to children present unique issues that are different from other personal injury cases. One example of how the two types of cases are different is the fact that in child injury cases, the parent or guardian must file a claim on behalf of the child. Serious injuries to children come with life-long effects on the child and family such as medical bills and added stress. The attorney who represents the child and their family must be willing to go out of their way to make the legal process easy to understand to alleviate the stress associated with a child injury, and must be aware of the future costs that an accident involving a child can incur.

For children ages 2 to 14 the leading cause of injury death is car accidents, with 250,000 injured children every year according to a study done by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis. In some cases, it is very difficult to protect a child from an accident caused by a negligent driver. Proper use and installment of a child safety restraint has saved numerous childrens lives. An estimated 5,399 lives were saved by the use of child restraints between 1975 and 2002, and an estimated 425 lives of children under the age of five were saved by car and booster seat use in 2005. In order to be effective, these restraints must be installed properly and used every time the child is in the car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did a study in which they inspected 3,500 child safety restraints. 72% of these restraints were installed or used incorrectly. The risk of death in a car accident is lowered by 71% for infants and 54% for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 4 by correctly installing and using a child safety restraint. You can effectively reduce the risk of injury that children incur motor vehicle accidents by correctly installing a safety restraint such as a seatbelt or safety seat and using it every time your child rides in a car.

Water related accidents, playground accidents, and the ingestion of household products are some other fairly common causes of accidents that can lead to serious injuries. For children under the age of 14, drowning is the second leading cause of death behind car accidents. In addition, many more children are sent to the hospital with non-fatal submersion injuries. An average of nearly 10 drowning accidents occurs each day, and one in four of these accidents involve children under the age of 14. Four children visit the emergency room for non fatal injuries that can cause catastrophic brain damage for each child that drowns. This damage can affect the childs ability to see, hear, and learn which causes lifelong problems for the child. Problems such as the lack of supervision and the lack of pool barriers are factors in many of these injuries. 200,000 kids per year are treated in United States hospitals for playground related injuries. You may have grounds to take legal action if the injury happens as a result of negligence on someone elses part, such as improper playground maintenance or overtly negligent supervision. Children require extra supervision because they are more vulnerable to injury than adults.
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Personal Injury Law - Child Injuries

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This article was published on 2011/04/17