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The Chinese Orphans:  Children need hope.


I am in China teaching and along with some other friends we decided to take a little bike ride through the country during this coming summer.  We thought that since we spend most of our time working that we really never get to see much of the country or people outside of the city we work.


While talking about all this, I contacted a friend of mine who runs a foster home for babies.  This isn't like a normal foster home in the sense that these children are waiting for adoption; it is a foster home for babies who possibly will never be adopted.


In China, children and babies brought to the orphanage normally do not get adopted; it is not common for Chinese people to adopt children.  On that note, Foreigners adopt most, and the Chinese Government sets the rate or cost.  Presently that cost is around $5000 USD, not including any costs to and from China, or administrative fees.


What some people should know is that when these children are brought to the Orphanage, it is likely they will spend their childhoods in these places.  One in particular, has around 600 children at the moment.  The foster home run by my friend has 30 babies at the moment in which she is caring for, but these particular babies all need some sort of extra care.  Most have cleft palates and without operations and care to resolve the cleft palate the babies will go un-adopted.


In China, when a child is brought to the orphanage, they are primarily non-entities, in the sense that they have no identity.  Without an identity, which is basically an identity card stating who you are, or your family identity, you have nothing to indicate that you are a real person.  A real person with rights and the ability to enter school...let alone other problems.  Their chances of normal lives is minimal when you consider the fact that most will spend their childhoods in this facility.


Some people might think that's not so bad, right?  Maybe some people have grown up this way in western countries and think it is just one of those struggles which you get through and once you become a young adult everything is ok.  You can still go to school, still find work, still get a bank account and all the other things that everyone else can do.  The problem is that this isn't how it works for these children.


Without an identity, they cannot go to school or register.  Most people in China use relationships to build their lives around them.  It's whom you know.  In other countries we have legislation, or methods by which a person, a child has rights, has identity, has something to give them a mode to enter school, find work and be treated with equality.  In China, without relationships, without contacts to people like family and friends, you have virtually no chance to build a life or be given the same opportunities.


We are running a Charity Campaign.....to help raise money for the Starfish Foster Home in Xi'an.  There are 30 babies from the local orphanage are be cared for here, and need help from you and I......www.monkeyspeaks.com/charity.html.


If you are in a western country please also visit www.peerdreams.com/p74.....this site will give you an opportunity to donate by buying a tile on the board...the tiles are only $40 USD, or go to http://www.monkeyspeaks.com, on the charity page at the bottom is also a method through Paypal, with donating a minimum of $5 USD......everything helps.....please take time to remember that these children have a hard beginning, we are trying to make life a little more positive.


Be Good


Be Safe


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Orphans In China

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This article was published on 2010/02/27