International Adoption: Pros and Cons

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Have you been considering international adoption? If so, there are advantages as well as disadvantages. But, as with anything else in life, it's what you make of it. You can take the good and the bad and put them together and realize you might give a stable, loving home to a child who otherwise would grow up in poverty and neglect.

On the pro side, unlike the USA, there is an overabundance of children just waiting for someone to love them. They come in all sizes, ages, colors, genders and from a wide selection of countries.

The con is you most likely will need to visit a foreign country perhaps many times while searching for the right child and to wrap up the adoption process. This travel time may prove difficult for some prospective families due to financial or job-related concerns.

Another pro is that it's fairly easy to determine the length of waiting time the process is finalized. Realistically, it should be anywhere from 12-18 months. It all depends upon what age, gender and country you choose.

The con is the odds of getting a newborn are slim. Most infants available are not newborn but are usually three to four months old to a year.

A great pro is the natural mother won't change her mind. Most of the children waiting to be adopted are orphans and once you sign those papers, you become the legal parent forever. The down side of this is that often the child's medical and family history is not known.

The financial pro is very positive because an international adoption agency will probably give you a fee information sheet up front eliminating any future surprises.

I would be remiss if I didn't alert you to a few more cons. Many of these children have spent most of their young lives in an orphanage in less than desirable conditions. This may result in some developmental setbacks in some cases. Not all, but be prepared. If this is the case, simply give the child as secure, stable and loving a home as possible, and you, as well as the child, will be greatly rewarded.

Another con is the natural mother may never have had the opportunity to have any prenatal care or poor care at best. Keep in mind this may also affect the development of the child.

One more downside is the difficulty in connecting the child with its natural parents or family. Some of the poorer countries struggle with maintaining good records. Speaking of records, there's an awful lot of paperwork and red tape but international adoption agencies gladly assign competent workers to help you complete it all. It isn't necessarily difficult paperwork, just time-consuming.

International adoption has its pros and cons. Often, they tend to discourage prospective adopters. But if you have plenty of determination and heart you can most certainly overcome the obstacles. And one day, when you look back on the whole thing, you will probably agree it was well worth the effort.

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International Adoption: Pros and Cons

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This article was published on 2012/06/06