How to Keep Discipline in Homeschooling

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As a homeschool parent you have opportunity to be flexible to the opinion of your kid. If your child is too small to pass any comment, you have to decide as the parent. So you take decisions about the time, place and subject of study. In other words you fix a curriculum, time schedule and the learning place. Obviously you can ask the kid for opinion. But you are to take the final decision as a parent and teacher. Once you structure a schedule you are to stick to it. There is no supervisor from outside and no examinations to appear. Hence you are to be strict about the routine of the school.

Even in your homeschool some homework is to be done. After you complete teaching a topic a part of it is to be given to the child. He/she will do it without help from anybody. You have to ensure that the child eagerly completes the exercise.

A child in school interacts with friends, senior students and teachers. Thus he/she learns the social etiquettes. Punctuality is taught through follow of schedules. He/she also learns courtesy at the school. These are in fact different aspects of discipline. A homeschooler child doesn't get the scope of school. You are to make arrangement for learning these manners at home at the early age of the kid. You have to incorporate corrections, if necessary, in his social manners.

A particular room or a part of it should be earmarked for homeschool. The child must be present at the place at a definite time in proper dress and with all material for study. If you fail to exercise these basic rules at the beginning, soon your school would turn into a play ground. But everything should be done in a cool and professional way.

As the teacher and everything you must have a lot of patience. Otherwise all efforts may be spoiled. A homeschool kid soon realizes that his/her mom is his/her school. So he/she might take everything easily and lose attention in learning. It might seem to be hard to bring his/her concentration back. In such a stage you should switch over to a different topic or take a break. This action would provide a breathing time for the child and discipline is also maintained.

Homeschooling is not so easy to succeed. Your hard work with tremendous patience will be necessary to come out as a successful homeschooler. If you ignore the rules to establish and make everything informal, homeschooling would be easy and ultimately the result would be a big failure. On the other hand if you be strict about implementing the basic rules from   starting and continue to do that, you can achieve a great success.

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Homeschooling your children can be very reasonable choice this days since it gaing more and more popularity. There are many advantages to homeschooling over disadvantages of public schooling and parent often choose this kind of education for their children.

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How to Keep Discipline in Homeschooling

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This article was published on 2012/03/19