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I sat on the hospital bed, whilst the kind nurse was stitching up the left eye well the eyebrow where the blow had made contact and then that was when 10 years of hate had come to the surface...."I want to report an offence", the young nurse looked down at me and nodded and left me there I knew full well that she had gone out to the A & E reception where the Police were still that was when after ten long years of being belittled,slapped made a fool out of, I SAID ENOUGH...
No it wasnt easy and I admit it was hard for the next 6 months of hime trying to get to me on way or another and I still understand women now why they hesitate, but to be honest I know that the world IS a better place once you are rid eventually of the abusive hate from their mouth and their hands.
I had the police that fateful night get one of my friends to get the children to theirs whilst he got arrested and then after my 14 stitches, I went back to the house, the children were in bed it was 3 am and I reached out for a drink to calm me.
The blood splattered all up the walls and over my cushions on my settee had to be left until the police had taken photos, so I knew I had to cover the site from the eyes of my children before they went to school as later I would be mobbed with statements and questions to answer.
The first week was the absolute worse arttending court to get an injunction, getting friends to do my shopping and errands because of my face it was badly beaten and I was such a shy person I had only moved here 6 weeks before and hardly knew any neighbours just a few people I had kept in contact where I had lived before.
And may I say yes you need your friends and a good telephone line as that is your life line it was mine.
Going to a solicitor frightened me as I was expecting the attitude of o another wife beater lol... but o no boy was I wrong she turned out to be a right man hater and I thought she was fantastic, she also became my friend and as anyone knows a divorce with children takes time BUT not if you can prove and boy I could evidence of him being unfit to have the children..
Yes to be eventually free from him took 9 months after the I love you rubbish and I wont do it again and I had heard that enough I should have been a millionaire... but you keep going yes there were times especially Xmas day when I thought well maybe BUT no just one look again at my face he had done 5 weeks earlier no chance.
There is light at the end of the tunnel and yes it is hard at first but do you know what it is like to watch what you want on telly to go and make a coffee when you want and stop being frightened if the tea is not on the table,,, total freedom and yes I went wild for a while.
I went out partyed for Britain had a laugh (kids at peoples homes) incase I fancied a late one at my house, and yes see to say that was fantastic, he had been pathetic and tried to get the tv and certain furniture but because of the divorce grounds he had no chance.
So there my dear lady friends it will be hard and you really have to be strong but look forward to what you can do and where you can go and believe it or not eat what you prepared for hell but remember heaven is so much better alive!!!

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How to be stronger

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This article was published on 2012/04/26