Expression, communication and instruction using Bug Puppets

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Puppets have been a sophisticated means of expression, communication and instruction for many years in the home as well as educational institutions. Working the edge between entertainment and education, these puppets can both teach and persuade. Their creative potential is just waiting to be used. They line themselves up alongside drama and storytelling, children can easily get lost in a world that the bug puppets can create.

The Bug Puppets are bright, attractive, active and interactive to help children improve their skills of co-ordination, control, manipulation and also communication. This Bug Puppet Pack is great for not only discovering the great outdoors and the different bugs and their lifestyles, but also different topics such as Mini Beast.

These early years resources will greatly help any child develop an understanding of Science and Nature and also fits in with the Early Years Foundation Stage Principles Communication, Language and Literacy, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

This group of bug puppets are delightful for children of all ages and especially good for the early years foundation stage children (EYFS) section of the National Curriculum.  

Each of Bug puppets can be given a name and be a character from many different books, they may have individual persona, children often use puppets to talk through how they are feeling, and these give a different perspective on the usual dolls or human type puppets, looking at how the puppets are feeling today and how we are feeling.

Some of these puppets may be used as well known characters from famous books so enhancing the story telling for young children, they are able to act out the story as it is told, they become part of the story and learn to love reading and have the understanding that print carries a good meaning and that books are fun and not just something they have to look at.

Many children will not touch the real bugs but will not be afraid of the bug puppets, so introducing them to the world of small creatures and nature.  The topic of the Vet could also be explored using puppets, if they are ill or do they need to be looked after, are we feeding them the right foods and what they should be, where do they live and where do we live.

Singing with the puppets is also possible, using known songs and making up new ones, giving a chance for children to explore how to link words together in making songs and rhymes.  The puppets can also be used to count with, how many legs or antenna do they have, adding and taking away to match the number of leg on one puppet with other puppets.

I would certainly recommend these puppets to parents and settings as they have so many possibilities in what way they can be used to enhance the play and learning of young children as great early years or special needs resources.

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Expression, communication and instruction using Bug Puppets

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This article was published on 2011/09/13