Birth Injuries and Family Challenges

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Each and every year in the United States a significant number of children are born with birth injuries. Often the problems have occurred either in the womb or at some time during the developmental process. However, a relatively small percentage of the babies that are born with birth injuries have been needlessly injured by one of the medical professionals responsible for their well being.

In many cases birth injuries have been caused by medical mistakes that often happened during labor. In many instances not enough nutrients or oxygen has gotten to the baby's brain and the brain is then damaged.

Often birth injuries are minor and the children are able to quickly recover on their own. However other baby's and their families will have to deal with some rather severe problems. These problems are often due to medical malpractice and can cause paralysis and/or mental retardation.

The families of these children will then be faced with a lifetime of physical and emotional challenges - both for their children as well as themselves. They will also have to deal with the astronomically high medical bills that are required for therapy, surgery, medication, attending and nursing care, and special education services for their children.

And in too many instances, no matter what the efforts, the children who suffered these birth injuries will never learn how to take care of themselves. Then these families will have to learn how to deal with the overwhelming costs that are associated with providing their kids with a significant quality of life as well as long term security.

In addition to the financial burdens these families must face they will have to also deal with emotional burdens as well. Unless these families are financially well off they will not be able to afford to pay for everything they will need in order to give their children the proper care.

Consequently, extreme stress will be part of their lives. And they will often find that because they cannot afford to pay for the necessary care that they themselves will have to provide care 24/7 to their severely disabled children.

If medical malpractice was the cause of these severe birth injuries then the people responsible should be held accountable. The parents of the injured children deserve to be compensated for the loss of enjoyment in their lives as well as for their pain and suffering. And, more importantly, they should be free from their financial burdens and have the money necessary to properly take care of their injured children.

Payment of their children's birth injuries can be critical for the future of their family.

In most cases they are faced with having to deal with an army of attorneys, insurance companies, and huge corporations. That's why they hire a birth injury attorney to represent them.

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Birth Injuries and Family Challenges

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This article was published on 2011/01/10