Best Ways to Teach Children to be Independent

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It is important to teach your children to be independent. It is because they will live without you one day. They have to rely themselves when there is nobody else to turn to. Hence, we have some tips that might be useful for you in building the value of independence for your children.

The first thing you have to do is to tell your children that they should take care of their own stuff, for example their shoes. Lead them to put their shoes on shoe rack after they come home from school, for example. Teach them how to tie their shoe lace by themselves. Another thing, tell them to take care of their dirty clothes. It will make them accustomed to doing some laundry and ironing by themselves so that when they are out of home, being off at college for example, they are ready to do everything they need without your help.

Also, tell them that it is their responsibility to keep their bedroom clean. While teaching them any values, you have to pay attention on their development. Make sure that you give lessons in the right phases. When they are still in preschool, tell them that they only need to place their stuffs where they are supposed to be. When your children are teenagers, they have to be able to maintain some levels of cleanliness.

Speaking on cleanliness, tell them they also need to care of their body cleanliness, including clean hair and teeth. Besides, you should show them how to get dressed properly based on the condition.

When they are in elementary school, they are ready to be taught how to make meals for themselves. Give them simple and easy meals, like sandwich and boiled eggs. Teach them how to use microwave, toaster, gas stove, knife, pans, and any other kitchen equipment. If your children are still too young to use those tools, you can ask them to accompany you while you are cooking. Tell them that they only need to watch. When they are ready to use those tools by themselves, they will be happy to deal with something new.

One more thing, children learn to be independent when they start doing their own homework without your help or supervision. Allow them to use their ability and see their work after they finish it. However, you have to evaluate their improvement. If they make mistake on their homework, correct them with suggestion. It will minimize the sense of mistake. Children will be unconfident if they are shown their own mistake.

Those are some tips to teach your children to be independent. Make sure that you start teaching this value as early as possible.

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Best Ways to Teach Children to be Independent

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This article was published on 2010/11/27