ADHD in Children - Is it Because of Snoring?

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Children, just like adults, can snore during the night. They snore for the same reasons as adults like being over tired or having colds or allergies. In some cases, snoring can be a red flag for asthma, other breathing problems, or more serious issues like sleep apnea. Growing in large numbers is snoring in children due to being over weight or obese. This is caused by a lack of daily exercise and a bad diet.

While these links between children and chronic snoring are shocking, it is more startling to learn that there is a direct link between children who snore and the mimicking signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD. Children with ADHD are extremely hyper and can rarely hold their attention for long on one thing, even in the best of times. There are other behavioral and emotional issues with ADHD along with a lack of overall focus for these children.

For decades, children that showed just a few signs of having ADHD found by many physicians and even the school systems were treated with prescriptions drugs such as Ritalin. The medication was thought to be necessary to help the child have better focus and be able to behave more appropriately in school and other areas of life.

There has been lots of research about children with ADHD and now there is a new view. Finally, with thanks to the many that kept looking for more answers, there is proof to show the common signs and symptoms between children who suffer from lack of sleep on a regular basis and children with ADHD. It is now positively known that many kids has been misdiagnosed as the behavioral signs of ADHD can be mimicked by snoring and other sleep disorders.

Many children that show signs of low alertness, low concentration, and hyperactivity may not have ADHD, but just need to stop snoring to have a better quality of sleep. Children should be put to bed at the same time to ensure they receive eight hours of sleep every single night. There should also be nightly monitoring to find out their habits and patterns during sleep in order to safely stop the snoring and prevent misdiagnoses of other health or behavior problems.

For children who do not receive a restful night's sleep because of snoring, it is very important that a remedy be found to at least lessen the amount of snoring. Ultimately the goal is to stop the nightly and unhealthy snoring habits completely. While your child's snoring might be simply due to a simple cold, resolving any habitual snoring problems they may have might prevent them from being misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Taking a prescription drug when it is not needed can cause many other health problems in your child. Chronic snoring that is not prevented can turn into sleep apnea, which can be fatal, especially for small children and even infants.

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ADHD in Children - Is it Because of Snoring?

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This article was published on 2010/04/03