ADHD and School

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If you are a teacher and you have a student with ADHD, you need to learn on some insights and strategies on how to deal with them. There are many ways on how to do it. Some of them work some don't. This usually varies on how a child reacts towards it. However, guidelines can be helpful.

Here are some ways a teacher can do for kids with ADHD:

  1. Since an ADHD child usually wander, have him sit at the front row or as much as possible at the center of the class. With this, you can easily get his attention and remind him on the task he is about to do in case his mind wanders.
  2. Eye contact is very important in conversation with an ADHD child. So every time you give instructions or talking to him, maintain eye contact.
  3. ADHD child get easily distracted. So in times that they need to do school work or activity, find him a spot that is quiet with no mess on the desk. Removing distractions can help them to concentrate on their work and do better with it.
  4. In cases that there is change in the activity that you are about to do, make certain that you inform him that you are going to do something different. Tell him as well to listen carefully to every instruction given to him.
  5. Give the task one at a time. Divide it in small workloads that the child can manage. After the other task is done, that's the time to tell him where he can do the next task. Keep reminding him to move on every time the other task is done until he finished all of it.
  6. In giving instructions, make sure that you give it one at a time. It is important that you give it short and clear, because children tend to forget what they are told to do. You can also give the instructions written on the board, stick it on his desk, or write it on his paper or notebook. This would keep him reminded at all times.
  7. Every child likes to be praised. This applies as well to an ADHD child. So whenever they do something good such as concentrating and did well at school activity or work, give them credits, rewards, and praise.

Teaching alone an ADHD child at school is hard. As a teacher, you need help. You can hold regular meetings with the parents and group teachers. You can voice out everything that parents and co-teachers need to know. Ask for suggestions and help on what to do with certain situations that are way beyond your capacity. You can make strategies that can improve an ADHD child at school.

It is vital for the ADHD child to be informed that his teacher and his parents are working together to help him at school.

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ADHD and School

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This article was published on 2011/09/06