7 Ways to Make Your Children Happy at All Times

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There are so many ways you can adopt to increase the morale of your children in the home and that will add happiness to their day to day activities.

Find below some tips to make your children happy at all times.

Do not deny Them of Their Rights.

Children are the heritage of God and they are blessings to the family. You are the care taker of these vessels. It is part of your responsibility as a parent to support your children emotionally. The family that is yet to have issue, I pray that soon God will answer you. Children need warm, affection and sense of belonging from you as a parent in the home. The supports you give to the children go a long way in strengthen their emotional health and well-functioning as they grow up.

If you want your children to be happy at all times, you have to give them high support. Your child needs expressions of love from you. There should be time for games; they must be given undivided attentions when they want to talk to you. There must be good eye-contact when they are asking you any questions that bothered them. Your children's needs should not be neglected or disregarded at all. At best, they must be treated as friendly as possible.

Correct Your Children in Love.

In order to prevent young ones from being wander away the good habit, they should be kindly and firmly handled. You cannot because your child is stubborn and begin to exercise harsh measure on him/her. Instead, you can resort to a firm, steady hand and a kindness towards your child and this will convince him/her of your love.

Present Yourself As A Parent.

Your children should not see you as wicked parents. Though children must behave out of fear in order to avoid punishment but you should not treat them with hostility. Do not use bully to talk to them. All these can create in them the fear that my Dad or Mum is coming and they begin to run away from you. Before you know it they will hate you being their parent if care and correction measure is not taken.

Give Your Children Audience.

One of the things that make child to annoy is when talking to you and you ignore him/her. You must make sure as a parent to always listening to your children. They are very wise to know that you are neglecting them. You must make them happy in as much as possible.

Appreciate Your Children.

When you want to tease a child, just value him/her. You will discover that the children of now a day are fond of being value. Use words like, "I love you my baby". Children like something of this nature and cherish such wordings.

Teach Them the way of God.

Do not forget that your children are given to you in order to be their steward. You are just like a care taker representing the owner, the creator. Therefore, you are equally responsible to train your children the way of the Lord especially at the early stage. When they grow up, they will not depart from it. Let your children be allowed to associate with their religion age mates either in the church or mosque.
Children are usually happy when they are allowed to participate in church activities.

Also, as a parent you have to monitor their activities both in the church and at home in order to put them through where they have missed the way. Correct in love.

Give Them Sound Education.

It has been discovered that children are happy when you send them to better school. Some children of now a day will even tell their parent the school they want. The very popular one in the town where they will be able to interact freely with their friends is okay for some. By giving your children best school in the town, you encourage them in their career and they will feel happy at all times.

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7 Ways to Make Your Children Happy at All Times

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This article was published on 2010/03/29