7 Things I Love About African Children and Orphans

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Take some time to read the article right to the end and you will most likely understand and find out more about these Young Heroes.

1. African children live with hope that their future will be brighter someday.

They wake up every morning and still afford to show a smile despite their circumstances, despite the empty stomachs and aching - untreated wounds. They are strong.

2. They live with love
Ever been to Africa and met a child along a street? If you've been there and met one it is most likely that the child looked up to you with a smile and said "hello" without even asking for anything.

3. They live to share

They know the little they have has to be shared amongst each other. The web has hundreds of thousands of the Young Heroes eating from the same bowl. Do you know any child who can willingly share a plate with others?

4. They live for each other

If I were allowed to put a link here I would link to a video showing you how these little ones live but read on right to the end.

5. They live to become great leaders of their homes and nations

This is because they are given huge responsibilities as such a tender age these children develop leadership and survival skills from infancy. Think of the greatest leaders today, even in the leading economies of the world and you will realize that some of them were once children of Africa.

6. They live by instinct

They adapt to their environment or else they die. They do not have a choice. They have to be strong - even stronger than their own sickly parents who often lie in bed because of various diseases including HIV/AIDS related diseases.

7. Children of Africa live to inspire us all

What child can take care of a home at 13 years of age? What child can nurse a dying mother, a father, an aging grandmother and 5 siblings all by herself - at 13 years of age? What child can do this and still afford to walk more than 10 km on barefoot on a gravel road, in winter or summer just to get to school. A school she is most likely not to finish because there is not enough money to pay for the next term yet she still goes - just as long as the teacher doesn't turn her back because of the over due fees.

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Visit website: http://www.youngheroes.org.sz to see more live examples of the problems faced by these children. You will find figures, facts, video, and facts about aids orphans in Africa and more.

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7 Things I Love About African Children and Orphans

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This article was published on 2010/04/04