5 Alternative Treatments For Your ADHD Child

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It has been my experience that there is not a right therapy for all children who exhibit the behaviors associated with ADHD. Finding the right therapy usually is a exploration to healing and wholeness. That is one of the first things to discover is you're like a treasure hunter and you're out to find each new jewel that will enhance the quality of life for your child.

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Food Allergies - Our children bodies are always fighting to work at their best but we keep filling them with foods that are making them a toxic wasteland. Have you ever wondered why there did not seem to be as many ADHD and ADD kids many years ago? They did not have all the processed foods filled with dyes that our children eat today. They ate fruits picked from the vines or off the trees while they were out playing. They did not come in and eat a cupboard full of Twinkies and Bug Juice.

Allergic reactions to foods and environmental toxins cause the body to react with many of the symptoms of ADHD. Lacks of focus, hyperactivity, bouncing off the walls are just a few of the most common. Finding the foods that your child should stay away from can be done at your doctor and having either a blood test or a skin prick test.

Once you determine the causes of the allergic reaction then you can begin to eliminate the causes instead of masking them with prescription drugs, which only causes more problems.

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Environmental Allergies - Did you ever stop to think why many households are going green these days? It is due to the over use of things that are not only making our world sick but also because they are making us sick. Everyday in the headlines is another article uncovering how a product we are using is causing people to get sick and sometimes even death. These are everyday products that many households have in the cupboards and are using to clean their homes.

Products you are using may be harmful if used over time. Many can act as a slow killer to you and your family. You may be mopping your floors, sprinkling your carpets or washing your clothes with products that may be causing the ADHD behaviors. Clean out your cupboards and Go Green in your products. You can find them at your local grocery stores now. It is easy you just have to commit to changing your habits of what you purchase.

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Vitamins and Minerals - Many children are deficient in essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function properly. It is like trying running your car on air when it really needs gasoline. Or like trying to grow plants with dirt that has been striped of it's nutrient content.

Vitamins and Minerals can be gotten from the foods we eat if we were eating like our ancestors did many years ago by growing them in their own gardens but we don't. So we must begin to find ways to supplement and add them into our children's diet to enable them to function properly. One way is to get them on a good multi such as Vita Plus, which has fruits and vegetables in a gummy bear type chewable.

Another very success method in my household is making fruit smoothies. I will blend a mix of fresh and frozen fruits along with a scoop of greens that I buy at the health food store into a wonderful treat that they love. In the summertime I freeze the mix and the kids love to come in and grab a Popsicle.

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Colon Health - All of the toxins we have been feeding our children get into the lining of their gut or their colons. A healthy colon is imperative to a healthy child. Many prescription drugs work against a healthy colon also especially any beginning with the prefix, Anti. When a child's colon is compromises their immune system is off. Another way of putting it is their guard if down against fighting off or keeping illnesses away.

Adding daily doses of acidophilus into a child's diet will definitely aid in having a healthier colon. You can do this by adding yogurt to their diet. Stay away from the cute kids ones such as Go-Gurt cause they are full of dyes and sugars. I will take and add a cup full to plain or vanilla yogurt to the smoothies that I make daily.

You can also find it at the local health food store in the refrigerated case in a caplet form. You can open them up and sprinkle them onto your food.

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Outdoor Therapy - There is a wonderful book titled, Last Child in the Woods, by Richard Louv, which describes that we are reaching scaring numbers on the amounts of children who are suffering from Nature-Deficit Disorder. Children need to be outside running and playing in nature. Playtime and recess time is being taken away from them with more and more pressure put on academics. While getting a good education is important so is the education a child gets from being in nature.

Children naturally learn while playing. They learn about their world and it has many lessons to teach them that they cannot get sitting in a classroom. Children have energy that needs to be used up and not pinned up.

These are 5 simple solutions that are natural and inexpensive. They will benefit your child's health and well being for years to come. They are so simple that many often over look them as life changing but I have found the complete opposite with my own children. This is what has made the most difference in not only my children but also the ones attending my school.

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5 Alternative Treatments For Your ADHD Child

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This article was published on 2010/04/04